About My Blog

This is it. Welcome.

I’m Warren Tillery, a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Florida. There, we’re required to have a specialty inside the college and another in an outside area of study. Within journalism my area is photography with an additional emphasis on editing. Outside, my focus is on tourism and recreation. These make an interesting combination. Upon graduation, I plan to attend law school – don’t hold that against me.

At any rate, this blog is my second one. I kept the first as part of an editing class. You can see it here. This was my first attempt at blogging and it was more structured than this because it had to meet certain requirements for the class. Namely, it had to have a central theme. Mine was systematically looking at First Amendment related controversies appearing in the news. About halfway through the semester, I switched to blogging about soccer officiating.

I have a soccer category on this blog as well. I suppose I could repost from that blog, but I feel it would be tantamount to republishing yesterday’s news in today’s paper. At any rate, feel free to visit it and read.

As I mentioned, this start-up is my second attempt at blogging. But, it’s really my first attempt at an unscripted one. As time progresses, more categories will be added and features will be enhanced. So, bear with me. It should be worth it.


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